Steel Buildings

Overview of Steel Buildings

Our solutions for industrial steel buildings adapt to operational requirements in any industry. We provide you with a metal steel building constructed from hot rolled steel or lightweight cold rolled steel, that suits all your needs, integrating as many design requirements from cold store insulated panels, firewalls, noise control systems, galvanized frames and crane systems.

Steel structures can be designed in a variety of different shapes, including tapered profiles, pipe sections, and castello beams, and can be made to fit any architectural design. Because steel does not sag, warp or rot, and is not susceptible to pests such as termites, the structure will remain steady throughout its lifespan.

Option 1: Hot rolled steel structures.

Galvanised or shot blasted and painted to suit the environment and requirements of the building. Complete with cold rolled purlins and rails to support roofing and cladding systems.

Option 2: Cold rolled lightweight structures.

Engineered lightweight sections can be simply installed to create buildings either bolted down onto an existing floor slab (depending on quality of the slab) or mounted off concrete foundations.

Features & Benefits of Hot Rolled & Lightweight Steel Buildings

Lightweight Steel Cold Rolled Steel Buildings.

  • Cold rolled steel buildings are more economical than hot rolled steel, due to the amount of steel used. The cold rolled steel will come to you with a galvanised finish to protect it from rust.
  • Cold rolled steel buildings also means the light weight structure is easier to install on site, reducing construction time.
  • Cold rolled steel buildings are ideal for small to medium spans such as workshops, storage buildings, industrial units, car show rooms where the structure is not asked to perform any other function.

Hot Rolled Steel Buildings.

  • Hot rolled steel buildings are manufactured with many different weights of steel to suit the span and design of the steel building.
  • This steel is usually shot blasted and painted or galvanised to prevent rusting and prolong life.
  • Hot rolled buildings are ideal for farm buildings and heavy industry where the large spans are required or the frame may have additional loadings against the side walls or gantry cranes are used.

Applications of Steel Buildings

Lightweight steel buildings:

  • Light commercial buildings – office blocks.
  • Public buildings – schools, clinics.
  • Internal partitioning.
  • Hostel conversions.
  • Short to medium span agricultural buildings and light industry steel buildings.

Hot rolled steel buildings:

  • Multi-storey buildings.
  • Pipe racks.
  • Conveyor supporting structures.
  • Petro chemical plants.
  • Cement plants.
  • Power plants.
  • Large spanning agricultural and heavy industrial steel buildings.

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