Grain Bunkers

Overview of Grain Bunkers

Grain bunkers have been designed to put an end to the traditional skyscraper silos and are fast gaining popularity amongst grain handlers looking for sturdy, cost effective methods of medium to long-term grain storage.

The grain bunker’s effectiveness stems from the fact that it can be erected rapidly on-site according to the exact capacity required, moved easily from one location to the next, and can be built and adapted to any size of operation.

Grain bunkers consist of angled, corrugated iron walls, supported by an easy to construct, steel support system, set at frame centres to suit the surcharge of the stored seed. The floor area of the storage space is covered by plastic ground sheet, the stored grain then covered with a gas tight tarpaulin, which is tightly sealed to protect the grain from pests and weather, as well as to allow for fumigation.

Grain bunkers are viable for storage from 1,000 tons to over 12 000 tons of grain, whereas traditional silo bins can store a maximum of 6 000 tons.

Engineering Solutions can provide the full range of grain bunkers to suit your design requirments,

Features & Benefits of Grain Bunkers

  • Seed storage on-site from 1,000 to over 12,000 tons per unit.
  • Rapid erection.
  • Grain is protected against the weather and pests.
  • Medium to Long-term grain storage.
  • Can be purchased in kit form.
  • Can be constructed to any size.
  • Easily transportable and no cranes are required.
  • Allows for separation of seeds.
  • All grain bunkers complete with ground sheets and tarpaulins.

Applications of Grain Bunkers

Grain Bunkers are ideally used:

  • At collection sites and regional centers where incoming harvested grain is bottle-necked due to transportation problems;
  • For national grain reserves that require long-term storage; and
  • As buffer stocks for food-aid under emergency situations.

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