Mobile Drive Over Hoppers

Overview of Mobile Drive over Hoppers

Mobile drive over hoppers are a major element in the bulk goods logistics chain by aiding with the best possible productivity and have been designed for convenience and versatility. Mobile drive over hoppers are used in any situation where high intake is required, or where limited clearance access is needed, such as pickup from bin unloaders, gravity wagons, or hopper-bottom semi-trucks. Wheels on mobile drive over hoppers have also been designed to allow side-to-side and forward/backward movement.

Mobile drive over hoppers are environmentally friendly, by eliminating dust and noise pollution, and offer excellent interaction and direct transfer between various environments. By allowing the operator to directly unload from wheel loaders and excavators, mobile hoppers eliminate the double handling of material on site.

This fully mobile unit allows a controlled feed of material onto the conveyor system, which allows either the ability to blend material on the intake conveyor system, or an emergency ‘back-up’ system for the stackers. Mobile drive on hoppers have also been noted to have unrivalled mobility and flexibility when in operation.

Size of individual units range from 100 tonnes per hour  to over 350 tonnes per hour – depending on the density of the material.

Features & Benefits of Mobile Drive over Hoppers

  • High productivity.
  • Travelling, operation and maintenance are user-friendly.
  • User interfaces are operator-friendly and ergonomic.
  • Mobile hoppers can provide a stand-alone operation.
  • Self-contained and portable, allowing units to be relocated when necessary.
  • Mobile hoppers are able to receive from all types of road vehicles.
  • Eliminate the double handling of material.
  • A wide range of mobility and sizes to suit any requirement, and fully customizable to meet the needs of the application.
  • Fuel cost reductions of up to 75%.
  • Safety is increased as there is no need for stockpiling.
  • Heavy duty design and manufacture.

Applications of Mobile Drive Over Hoppers

  • Stockpiling/loading directly from wheel loaders, excavators, etc.
  • Truck and ship loading.
  • Stockpiling from secondary crushers and screens.
  • The ability to handle a very wide range of materials such as coal, grain, cement, fertilisers, woodchips, aggregates, and Sulphur.

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