Modular Steel Panel Bridges

Overview of Modular Steel Panel Bridges

Modular steel panel bridges have been designed for permanent, temporary and emergency use, and have been used for decades to provide strong and sustainable transportation infrastructure. The ease of customisation and speed of installation make modular steel panel bridges advantageous over comparable conventional bridges due to significant time and cost savings, environmental advantages, convenience and safety for travelers.

Modular steel panel bridges have been shown to help maintain traffic flows in major cities, restore access in disaster-stricken areas, and provide new and replacement bridges in rural areas, and can be customized to create both single- and double-lane crossing.

Heavy haul, vehicular, railroad, shoring systems, extractive industry bridges, and pedestrian bridges can all be built using the modular design. Each of these can be installed using three options for fast installation: cantilevered, which means that a full rolling launch allows for the bridge to be rolled into place without the use of a crane and is ideal in locations where heavy machinery and other resources are limited; lift in, which is the fastest installation, and with the right crane size can be used in demanding situations where timing and speed are critical; or crane, which requires less counterweight than a cantilevered launch.

To suit your requirements, various decking systems can be supplied

Features & Benefits of Modular Steel Panel Bridges

  • Interchangeable components.
  • Fully reusable and re-locatable.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Simple to build with rapid erection.
  • Long lasting and adaptable to many different situations.

Applications of Modular Steel Panel Bridges

Modular steel panel bridges are ideally used:

  • Oil and gas.
  • Energy and mining.
  • Transport.
  • Agriculture.
  • NGOs and humanitarian work.
  • International and local contractors.

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